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You can trust our experienced experts to install the industry’s toughest invisible barrier, and you’ll leave confident that your car’s exterior remains immaculate today and for years to come.

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1 May 2020
Porsche Speedster, very nice…
1 March 2020
Wrapping a Yellow Porsche and V8 Supercar in PPF
17 February 2020
Busy beavers on a Monday Morning
23 January 2020
Why Ozicozi?
Because no one has the depth of our portfolio! We are the pioneers of the PPF Industry with over 14 years experience in design and installation. With our custom design facilities, we are able to template and computer cut patterns for any custom job required.
  • Kevin Perry
    Amazing customer service and workmanship. Had my 2016 WRX wrapped with Stoneguard and you can't even tell it's there! Also had the vehicle coated with Gtechniq paint protection and my car gleams like I wash it everyday. Highly recommended Vab A
    Kevin Perry
  • Katarina Johnes
    Andrew and the team made my new Rav4 Hybrid look even newer. Very, Very happy with the end results of Gtechniq Ceramic paint protection. Saved a fortune compared to dealer quotes and had no hassles. Thank you so much Andrew. David P
    Katarina Johnes
  • Brandon Ross
    Had my Tesla wrapped with paint protection film by these guys - fantastic job - looks better than it did without film! Friendly team, who made an extra effort to squeeze me in before a big road trip this weekend - couldn't be happier! Recommended. Ashley S Tesla
    Brandon Ross
7 October 2015
The usual business, nothing special to see here :)
A selection of cars all in to get a variety protection coatings. Stoneguard, gtechniq, interior,exterior, glass,rims….it can all be protected from the elements at […]
29 June 2015
2 BMW Bikes for a Stoneguard wrap
These two bikes were transported down to us from the dealership by the owners who didn’t want any stonechips before they received them. Wise choice […]
7 June 2015
BMW Road Bike – Stoneguard
Another bike fully wrapped in stoneguard, custom pattern designed for maximum protection.
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